Aircon Servicing Jurong – Are you a resident of Jurong ? Jurong is one of the newest developments with many new buildings coming up and also a new High Speed railway coming up in time to come. Aircon usage in Jurong is also high because of its young crowd of residents who move into the newer estates.

Arctic Aire Engineering is a specialist in Aircon Servicing and we are glad to work with residents of Jurong to service, maintain and repair your aircon units.

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Jurong is probably derived from the Malay word jerung, which means a “shark”. The first road in the area, Jurong Road was cut around 1852-1853, during the time of John Thomson’s tenure as Chief Surveyor. In the early 1900s, Jurong was uncharted territory, mainly dominated by swamps with low hills covered by shrubs and a thick jungle. The word jurong (jurung in current Indonesian spelling) refers to the elevated porch of a traditional house. Thus considering the area’s many small hills in a swamp, Jurong may refer to these small elevated lands in the swamp. In 1929, Jurong Road was extended to Bukit Timah, connecting it to the rest of Singapore Town. Jurong remained a sleepy rural area until 1959, when Singapore became a self-governing colony. In 1963, the then Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, made Jurong the initial constituency on his first visit to constituencies in the Republic. At that time, Jurong was without a citizen’s consultative committee.

Many roads within the Jurong Industrial Estate named in the late 1960s and early 1970s drew inspiration from the nature of industrial activities in the estate and related aspects ofindustrialisation. For the local Chinese population, Jurong was formerly called peng kang, a reference to a gambier plantation located in the area. After 1906, rubber plantations dominated the area — Bulim Estate, Lokyang Estate, Chong Keng Estate, Seng Toh Estate and Yunnan Estate, giving rise to many of the local names for areas in Jurong.

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