Aircon Servicing North Region Singapore – The North Region of Singapore is one of the five regions in the city-state. The region is the second largest region in terms of land area, and has a population of 531,860. Woodlands is the regional centre and also the most populous town with 250,290 residents living in the area. Comprising 13,500 hectares of land area, it includes eight planning areas.

The relative isolation of the area from the Downtown Core meant relatively belated urban development and the greater abundance of natural greenery. Still, the region includes one of Singapore’s largest new towns, Woodlands. Largely grouped into three new towns, it houses 129,000 residential housing units of various types, although public housing tends to dominate. Excluding naturally occurring green spaces, the region has 3 square kilometres of recreational spaces.


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The North Region in Singapore is one of the most busy and bustling areas in Singapore with the town centre of Woodlands being the main town in that region for commerce and also shopping. The area in the Northern part of Singapore is also located to our neighbours in the north, Malaysia. Johor is the southern state of Peninsula Malaysia and when people from Singapore want to go over, they head towards Woodlands to get to the customs of Singapore and Malaysia.

Woodlands is also home to the main commerce centre of the north and this area is bustling with great eating places and a young group of professionals who live there.

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Arctic Aire Engineering is happy to work with residents and commercials from Woodlands and other North regions to help you ensure that your systems are in tip top condition all the time and when you need them the most.


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