When it comes to owning a air conditioning unit, there are many tips that we can share so that you are able to cool the room fast. With that you can save on the electricity cost you have for your systems. There are also methods to keep the unit going healthy for a longer period of time.

1. Lower the aircon at night

When you are sleeping you dont need the same amount of cool as when you are awake, you also will have a lower body temperature, so you could use the sleeping mode of the aircon to help you save some electricity over the night


2. Using portable units

Instead of trying to cool a big space that you are not in, why not try a portable unit just to cool the location that you are in, you save on electricity that is not needed to take up the whole space


3. Close off any exits or potential leakages

When you turn on the aircon, make sure the doors and the windows are tight shut, you do not want to leak cool air and end up having your system working extra hard just to keep you cool


4. Keeping the servicing routine up and on time

When you are using a unit that is working overloaded because it has too much dust, thats not a good idea! You should always try to run a unit that is regularly serviced so that you do not have to pay for the extra electricity that it needs to push out the dust and the cold air!


5. Check where the ducts run through

The ducts are how you transport cold air! If the locations that it travels are not properly insulated, you end up wasting more energy to produce the same amount of cool air!


6. Your furniture might be in the way!

The most stupid thing that can happen is to have a high furniture blocking the way. The cool air ends up being trapped by the furniture and not hitting the intended location it needs to cool!


7. Set it at 23 degrees

In Singapore 23 degrees would have been at the optimal performance, it is the point where you do not get it too hot for you to feel cool but at the same time not overloading the compressor that i needs to drain more electricity.


8. Lighting might be heating the place up

If you could use natural light from an open window, it might work better than to have all the lighting indoors working overtime to keep it bright. Lighting are hot and it can cause the whole place to heat up!


9. Are your guest home
Turn the systems off when no one is in the room or you could turn down the aircon so that it keeps the place cool but not working too hard at it.
10. Turn on the fan
There is always the reliable fan when you need it to help cool and circulate air in the room. This will end up helping you save energy for your air conditioning unit!
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What is the best way to make your room cool fast and save electricity
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