Almost every Singaporean in singapore owns an aircon unit. Why so? The heat in Singapore is unbearable with almost 32 degree Celsius being one of the standard temperatures everyday and in hotter months going up to 35 degrees. The heat in Singapore and also the humidity is one good reason why there are so many air conditioning units sold in Singapore and everyone who lives here will experience it somehow either during public transport or in the malls or just going by to work or school.

The thing about aircon units are that the cost of owning one might not be high but maintaining one might be the killer. There are ways to make sure your unit is able to take good care of itself if you know how to do it , you will save a lot of money that would have been an extra cost for you for no good reason.

Aircon should be serviced every 3 to 6 months so that they are at the optimal condition for use.

So why you should get your aircon serviced

  • Keeps the unit in good health

When the unit is in good health, you will be able to keep the unit for a longer time. Like any other machinery, by keeping it in good condition and also not exposing it to the elements, they are able to work for you for many years, if you do not care for it, this will be another story

  • You have a working aircon when you need it the most

The worst that can happen is coming home to a unit that is not able to work, you will just have to scream and shout and not get cool air out of it. You will love to have a working unit when you need it the most, so service it!

  • You do not waste electricity to run it at the same temperature

The unit that is not serviced will need a lot more energy to keep the temperature cool and nice for you. So instead of putting in so much electricity and work just to produce that amount of air, you can use less to produce more!

Why you should get your aircon serviced
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