How does air conditioning work


How does air conditioning work – Most people will realize that they have their air conditioning at home. They keep you during the hot months or when temperatures are too hot for comfort. But how many people actually know how it actually works. One fun thing about this is that they work quite closely to how your fridge at home works. The units are smaller but the theory is the same.

There is a very scientific way of making an aircon work the way it works to generate the cool and cold air that you appreciate when you just come home from a hot day. Lets find out how it works!

How does air conditioning work

Basically the reaction that happens within the compressor unit of the air conditioning unit cools the air that it pumps out through your unit in your roo,. What it does is that it uses chemicals to convert from gas to liquid and liquid back to gas again in a quick manner. This transfer of energy takes away heat and pumps out heat on the other end. The cooler air is transferred into the area where you will need the cool air. Whilst the hot air is pumped out through the compressor.

So there are 3 main parts of the air conditioning unit. The evaporator, the condenser and the compressor.

The compressor and condenser are usually outside of the unit where the heated portions are eliminated into the atmosphere, whereas the evaporator is the unit that is within the house or the office.


So what happen is that when the cooling fluid reaches the compressor as lower pressure gas, the compressor will squeeze the gas and the molecules will be packed closer together, with the compressor closing the molecules, the higher the temperature and there is an increase in energy.


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So what happens is when the fluid leaves the compressor as higher pressure hot gas, it moves to the condenser. The outer unit of the aircon has metal that are around the housing of it. The metal works like a radiator and helps to dissipate the heated air quickly.


So when the air leaves the condenser, it has become much cooler, it also changes to a liquid instead of a gas because of the high pressure. The liquid will now make its way to the evaporator through a narrow hole and when the liquid reaches the other side, the pressure suddenly drops, when it happens the liquid evaporates to become gas.

The evaporation process quickly takes heat from the air and it produces the cool air. With the heat it separates the molecules and turn liquid into gas again. The evaporator will then exchange the hot heated air with surrounding air.

So when the refrigerant leaves the evaporator, it becomes low pressure cold gas. Then the whole process will repeat itself again. There’s a fan that connects to the evaporator and it will help with the air circulation inside the property and around the fins of the evaporator.


The air conditioning unit sucks air through a vent, this air is used to cool gas in the evaporator and as the heat leaves, the evaporator cools. Then it will blow the air back into the house or office.

The process continues until the home or office is to the temperature set by the user. The termostat will sense the interior temperature and it will shut the air conditioning off.


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How does air conditioning work

How does air conditioning work
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