How often should you do aircon servicing and maintenance

Aircon Servicing – Most people do not really care about having their aircon serviced or maintained properly. Because its always working well and seemingly efficiently, not much care is placed into it until one day you figure that things are not working well. Even if it is a one unit or a central aircon, the servicing should be done on a very regular basis to prolong the health of the unit and also to make sure you are not spending more than you should on electricity.

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  1. Getting a chemical or normal aircon servicing at least twice a year

Having a professional come over to your place to have it done up cleaning and getting the dirt sucked out is one good way to ensure you are having a smooth aircon unit running well. Chemically washed units should be done minimally twice a year if you have the budget so that you do not trap dirt that may cause sickness as well.

2. Wash your filters every other week prior to aircon servicing

This is one thing no one really bothers with but if you stay in a location where pollution is a problem, the filters might get clogged up very easily. You should get someone to wash it often so that you are always filtering your dirt at a optimum point and not putting stress on the engine of the aircon.

3. Scheduling your aircon servicing and maintenance into the time table

The best way to keep things going well is to have your maintenance done every 3-6 months on a regular basis, schedule with your regular aircon maintenance company in Singapore through a contact number and also email so that they will arrive every few months without you even contacting them to come by again.


Always remember, the biggest cost of running an aircon is not the buying stage, its the maintaining stage. Take good care of your aircon and it will take good care of you and your electricity bill!

How often should you do aircon servicing and maintenance
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