5 Tips to keep your air-conditioner running smoothly

In the twenty first century of humanity, the best single invention that i would say that benefits the human race is probably the air-conditioner. This magical unit of innovation has allowed many places that were previously seemingly uninhibtable or were basically too unbearable to have a chance of having humans housed there.

Being born and raised in Singapore, we understand that the heat in Singapore can go as high as 34-35 degree celsius and such temperatures are crazy and horrible to live in. Especially if you are not sheltered by tall buildings, you might get direct sunlight that can heat up your room to such high degrees that will decrease productivity and quality of life will be greatly affected.

Air-Conditioners are great for tropical climate like our and the main thing that we need to do to take care of this machines that take care of us is to keep the maintenance on time and also to watch out for some of the things that we are going to be sharing.

You will be upset to have your system down and not being able to give you the cool air that you will need. You should also try to keep things to the recommendations so that you would also have savings when it comes to electricity cost of owning your units.

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  1. Make sure you upgrade your air-conditioners when they are too old or spoilt and don’t save on them

    When your air-conditioner is too old, it is probably produced with very old technology and this is something that you should really watch out for when you are owning them at home. Older systems might end up draining a lot more electricity than it cost to buy you a new one. Newer units come with new technological improvements that will make sure that they can not only outright save electricity, they will also help you to cut off the flow of cool air if the room is well cooled.

    Also when you’re buying a new unit, you should always watch out for those that have higher energy savings, they might cost a bit more but overall, it might end up costing lesser than you would expect it.

  2. During a hot day, do not just turn it on and start blasting it at full

    When you come back into a room that is very warm or hot on a hot day, the instinct is to blast it to the maximum and attempt to overload it as much as you can. This might seem like a good idea for a warm person like you but it will overload the system and cause damages in the long term. When electronic systems are just booting up, do not push too much load on it to prolong its life.

  3. Keep a consistent aircon servicing and maintenance schedule

    Most owners or air conditioning whether it is residential or in the office. You do not really watch out for how often you get someone in to check on your aircon. This is not a good thing because sometimes you might have been having a choked vent without knowing and wondering why is the system not producing cool air as you would like.

    Schedule them on a regular basis and having your repair person come by every 3 to 6 months would be very good for your aircon health and this would also help in your personal health because you’re not unknowingly taking in too much dust.

  4. Wash the vents of the air-conditioner every month

    The vent of the air conditioning unit is the area that will get clogged and get chocked up very easily. It will end up costing you more for electricity than necessary. In the long run if you let it choke it will destroy the filters in the units and the replacements of such items can go up to a couple of hundreds of dollars.

    Get a ladder and start cleaning it every other month so that you can keep your air conditioning unit at the optimum

  5. Get a good aircon repair company to assist in your aircon repair workYou should always get someone trusted to help you with the servicing work because some service companies might end up trying to con you with expensive packages or with extra work that you do not even need in the first place.


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5 Tips to keep your air-conditioner running smoothly
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